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Pre-prints are preliminary publications which have not yet been accepted as an article in scholarly journals, periodicals or collective publications, or they are articles which have not yet been published in scholarly journals after having been accepted. Articles which have been accepted often have a long time to wait before the actual publication takes place. The purpose of pre-prints is to make the data of current research immediately available. This has the added advantage that new insights and discoveries are attributed to whoever has first come up with them. This site offers the possibility to place such pre-prints, as long as they are concerned with Islamic manuscripts or related subjects.

The following rules are observed:

  • 1. Articles should always be uploaded as PDF in an open version, without any restriction. Contributions which have already been published or which are presented in the lay-out of a journal are not accepted.
  • 2. Articles should contain as their first information whether or not they have already been accepted by a scholarly or academic journal. If accepted it is advised that mention is made of the name of that publication and the projected date of publication.
  • 3. If contributions are written in a language other than English they should be preceded by a summary in English.
  • 4. Illustrations should be separately submitted in JPG format and be provided with a full indication of their source in their caption. Captions should be short and succinct.
  • 5. The date and hour of uploading is the date of publication in this pre-print site. Pre-prints are published in reverse chronological orders (last upload comes first).
  • 6. Publication in the site as a pre-print is done after marginal review of the contents and the ensuing decision of acceptance. Acceptance does not imply peer review.
  • 7. Publications offered as a pre-print should be complete and finished in themselves. Once placed a pre-print can never be withdrawn.
  • 8. Pre-publications are placed in this site as read-only files. Requests for printable versions will be forwarded to the author.
  • 9. Acceptance of a contribution to the pre-print site does not create any right to the author of the publication towards the publisher or owner of the site. The continuity of the site is the publisher's sole competence.
  • 10. Opinions expressed in the contributions to this site are the sole responsibility of their authors.
  • Corpus of pre-prints (in reverse chronological order of submittance)