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New standard for academic publishing

The Dürr-i Meknūn is the first academic publication to use Winsoft Tasmeem. This advanced software does ample justice to the calligraphic variations in the Ottoman script. Indeed, the graceful cadence and atmosphere of the original texts is brought to life. The composition revives a quality that was assumed to have been lost to academic publishers since the demise of hand compositing and lithography:

Among various additional characters that were designed specially for this book are a small capital scharfes S and a double paragraph symbol:

Typographer and type designer Eyal Holtzman also produced several custom Arabic forms:

Each page is carefully arranged for maximum reader convenience. The complex, multilingual text creates a restful impression throughout. The chapter titles form a particularly elegant feature, with Holtzman's proprietary typeface Kristal used to great effect as initial letter:

The book is bound in deerskin leather, alluding to Bican's struggle against the deer worship of his time, which figures prominently in the Dürr-i Meknūn:


Ahmed Bican Yazıcıoğlu, Dürr-i meknûn.
Kritische Edition mit Kommentar. Laban Kaptein (Hg.)


Laban Kaptein, Ahmed Bican Yazıcıoğlu






Laban Kaptein (published privately)


Eyal Holtzman


Adobe Jenson Pro, Winsoft Tasmeem, Kristal Open Caps, Castle Fleurons, Cloister Open Face BT, Arno Pro

Product dimensions:

325 mm X 252 mm X 62 mm, 660 pp., 3,4 kg (excl. box)


Butterfly 120 g


deerskin leather (Undyed and in natural state. Evidence of the animal's outdoor life may be visible in minor blemishes in the hide.)

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